The Underbrook is multi-purpose space in the basement of Saybrook College with a 30’ x 15’ open area. The standard seating including one row of floor seating accommodates 58.  Extra chairs are available and can be used for additional seating, provided that the seating layout is approved by UP in advance. The Underbrook is equipped with lighting and sound equipment and a projection system. The lighting grid is 14’ off the floor.

Application for theater venues is integrated into the CPA application.  It is not necessary to submit separate applications to individual theaters if you are applying for a CPA award.  The application, along with additional information about the CPA Awards, may be found on the Creative and Performing Arts website.

All other productions (major productions, single-evening shows, rehearsals, meetings, etc.) should fill out the Underbrook Application. 

SharePoint Folder with Inventory and Rep Plot