Off Broadway Theater

  • Photo Credit: Nina Goodheart

The OBT is a 53’ x 56’ black-box theater with dressing rooms and storage spaces. The OBT has a lighting grid at a height of 11’-1”, 48 ETC 2.4kw dimmers, an ETC Element console, and an inventory of ETC lighting instruments.  Sound is controlled via a Soundcraft Performer 24-channel mixer, with QSC powered speakers as their main output.  Video design is supported via a semi-permanently installed ~10’x36’ LED Video wall with a 3.9mm pixel pitch.  Primary input for video design is supported through Arkaos Mediamaster; alternative input setups are supported.  The theater is fully accessible. The standard seating arrangement (six rows on risers) accommodates 112 people. The arrangement with an additional row of seating in front of the risers accommodates 130 people. There are 150 seats available in total which may be used in alternate seating configurations.  The OBT includes a sprung dance floor and installed Stage Step marley. 

Application for theater venues is integrated into the CPA application.  It is not necessary to submit separate applications to individual theaters if you are applying for a CPA award.  The application, along with additional information about the CPA Awards, may be found on the Creative and Performing Arts website.