Art Spaces at Yale College

Yale College provides a wide variety of spaces to create, produce, rehearse, film, and display your art. Whether you’re looking to host a gallery opening for your photography exhibit, perform center stage, or screen a movie you’ve directed, there is a venue for you to do it. Undergraduate art activities at Yale may take place in a wide variety of venues, indoor and outdoor, on campus and off. The submenu provides links to browse the different types of spaces. From there you can find more details and how to request the use of each space and its resources.

Application for most presentational venues is integrated into the CPA application process, which serves as both a funding application and a venue application. The CPA application, along with additional information about the CPA awards may be found on the Creative and Performing Arts website.  Dance groups must also submit this dance performance application form, whether or not they are also submitting a CPA application for funding. This form is only available during each CPA application period.

Students may apply in September for projects proposed in the Fall semester, or that will be produced prior to Spring Break. Students may apply in January for projects produced at any time during the Spring semester. After each application cycle, remaining performance time slots are awarded on a rolling basis.