Davenport Pierson Auditorium

Davenport Pierson Auditorium has a playing space 22’ deep x 19’ wide with fixed stadium seating that can accommodate 68 people. The backstage area features two dressing rooms and a general work area with running water. The facility has limited Source Four lighting equipment, dimmers and lighting control board, a full sound system, and video projector. The grid height is 12’-9”. The theater is fully accessible.

Application for theater venues is integrated into the CPA application.  It is not necessary to submit separate applications to individual theaters if you are applying for a CPA award.  The application, along with additional information about the CPA Awards, may be found on the Creative and Performing Arts website. Student teams must include at least one Davenport or Pierson student to be considered for residency.

All other productions (major productions, single-evening shows, rehearsals, meetings, etc.) should fill out the Davenport Application.