Production Resources

Peer Mentor focusing a light

In addition to offering guidance throughout the production process, Undergraduate Production offers a range of resources including workshops, online tools, commonly needed expendable materials (tie line, gaff and spike tape, etc.), and theatrical equipment that can be used to supplement the inventory found in each venue.

Information, guidance, and production materials are also available from our Peer Mentors and a variety of organizations on campus:

Yale Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Program

As a branch of the humanities and as a complex cultural practice, theater claims a rich history and literature and an equally rich repertoire of embodied knowledge and theory. Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between practice and scholarly study. The major combines practical training with theory and history, while stressing creative critical thinking. Students are encouraged to engage intellectual and physical approaches to explore diverse cultural forms, historical traditions, and contemporary life.

The study of theater is interdisciplinary in scope and global in perspective. Students are expected to take courses in cognate disciplines such as history, philosophy, anthropology, political science, film, art, literature, and foreign languages. Faculty members are affiliated with a range of departments; their diverse expertise lends breadth and depth to course offerings and enables students to devise a course of study reflective of their developing interests.

Center for Collaborative Arts and Media

The The Center for Collaborative Arts and Media is an interdisciplinary arts research center that bridges diverse arts disciplines and fosters critical inquiry at the intersections of visual art, design, film, music/sound, performance, and computer science.

Our programs promote interdisciplinary inquiry, discourse, production, and research across expanding fields of arts practice.  We support collaborations in arts research across disciplines with an open door policy to all Yale students - graduate, professional, and undergraduate students alike.  Our faculty led staff helps students identify research conduits at the Center, across campus, through inter-collegiate partnerships, and within industries, to bolster more innovative arts practices and partnerships at Yale.  Insomuch, the Center promotes interdisciplinary arts research practices that go both wide and deep.

Yale Drama Coalition

The Yale Drama Coalition (YDC) was founded in 1999 to foster a union of student voices impassioned by theater at Yale. The YDC seeks to foster communication and collaboration within the undergraduate theater community, between extra-curricular theater at Yale and the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies department, and between the Yale student body and the larger New Haven community. The YDC offers the means, in the form of the YDC board, through which students can actively engage in work on year-long projects to better theatrical life on campus. The board consists of a president, secretary, treasurer, and several members who act as project coordinators. Elections of board members are held at the beginning of spring semesters. The organization has an open membership and welcomes input and participation from all interested Yale students. Roughly 250 undergraduates will be actively involved with YDC activities.

Yale Dramatic Association 

The Yale Dramat is the second oldest college theatre association in the country and the largest undergraduate theatre organization at Yale.  Its membership numbers over one hundred students, who annually elect a nine-member Executive Board. From the day of its first meeting on February 2, 1900, the Yale Dramatic Association has been dedicated to producing high quality drama at Yale, offering a unique opportunity for Yale students to work with professional directors, designers, and choreographers in the best-equipped theatre facilities on campus. The DRAMAT produces seven shows a year: three Experimental Shows, Spring and Fall Mainstages, the FroShow, and the Commencement Musical.

The Alliance for Dance At Yale

The Alliance for Dance at Yale College was established in 1998 by Sidra Bell ‘01 and Elana Aquino ‘00 to foster more appreciation for dance at Yale and to strengthen the connection between Yale and the New Haven community through dance. ADAY acts as an umbrella organization for all the extracurricular dance groups at Yale College, coordinating their efforts and advocating for the campus dance community.  As part of its community outreach efforts, ADAY runs the Yale-Coop Dance Collaborative, a Yale student-led workshop-based dance afterschool program at the nearby Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School. Currently, ADAY includes 22 different dance groups.