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Undergraduate Production (UP) was established in 2000 to ensure safe practices in the planning, production, and presentation of undergraduate performing arts events. Over the subsequent years, Yale College’s performing arts culture has grown to encompass over 400 events, 2,500 students, and 30,000 audience experiences annually.

Yale University has a vast and vibrant performing arts culture. Within this rich environment, UP works exclusively with Yale undergraduates to ensure that their work gets the attention and support it needs. UP provides training and technical support for comedy, dance, music, opera, spoken word, theater, and interdisciplinary performance genres. We work on everything from large-scale projects, such as operas featuring dozens of cast members and musicians, to informal poetry slams.

Regardless of scope and scale, all student productions must be planned and developed in a manner that ensures the safety of the production team and the audience. UP exists to fulfill this mandate as we support both the artistic vision and the highest level of safety for each undergraduate production.

Undergraduate Production
Broadway Rehearsal Lofts
294 Elm St, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT

Kathryn Krier

Kate Krier
Assistant Dean for the Arts, Director of Production

Before heading UP, Kate served as a Lecturer and Design Advisor for Yale’s Theater Studies Program, helping to oversee the program’s Senior Project production season. She has managed a range of Yale arts programs including the World Performance Project, the Yale Baroque Opera Project, and the campus-wide Shakespeare at Yale initiative. She has worked in scenic and lighting design for Theater Studies, the World Performance Project, and the Yale Cabaret.  She holds an MFA in Technical Design and Production from the Yale School of Drama.

Cell: 203.641.1775
Campus: x26416

Michael Best  

Mike Best – Technical Director

Originally from New Jersey, Mike studied Theatre and Environmental Policy at Colorado College. In Colorado, he served as the Technical Director for student groups, dance groups, and a local high school. From there he moved to Boston where he worked as the Assistant Technical Director for Stoneham Theatre and as a Technical Director for Company One. He has worked in various technical fields with theater, dance, events, nightclubs, and installations. Mike earned his MFA in Technical Design and Production at the Yale School of Drama. He oversees the Davenport Pierson Auditorium, Saybrook Underbrook, Lighten Theater, and Yale’s comedy groups.

Cell: 201.602.8539
Campus: x68441

Kerry Cripe   Kerry Cripe – Senior Technical Director
Kerry is originally from Indiana where he earned his BFA in Theatre Design and Technology from the University of Evansville.  Before earning his MFA in Technical Direction from Florida State University, Kerry spent time building scenery for trade shows and working as a jeweler and blacksmith.  He has worked as a scenery, lighting and sound designer, served as Scenery Director for the Utah Shakespeare Festival, Production Manager and Technical Director for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Technical Director for Central City Opera and Technical Director and Production Manager for the University of Colorado Boulder where he served on the faculty for 16 years. Kerry oversees the Morse-Stiles Crescent, the JE Theater, and many of our safety programs.
Cell: 720.400.3184
Campus: x26417
Justin DeLand

Justin DeLand – Senior Technical Director

Justin is originally from Michigan, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from Kalamazoo College.  From there he travelled to Hawai‘i to study the theater of Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Australia, Polynesia, and Micronesia.  He received his MFA in Technical Theatre and Design from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa in 2008.  Justin supervises the House Management program, advises production work in venues including the Off Broadway Theater, and oversees aerial arts activities on campus.

Cell: 203.892.5043
Campus: x68463

Tom Delgado  

Tom Delgado – Technical Director

Tom, who is originally from Utah, earned his MFA in Technical Design and Production from the Yale School of Drama. Tom oversees the Theater Studies senior project season, the Whitney Theater, and the UP Workshop Series. Tom’s lighting design credits include work at Montana State University, Yale College, Yale School of Drama, and the Shubert.

Cell: 203.500.0226

Yale School of Drama/Undergraduate Production Shared Staff

Elizabeth Beale
Costume Stock Manager

Michael Rossmy
Staged Combat Advisor

Mark Dionne

Mark Dionne
Properties Stock Manager