UP Inventory

UP offers theatrical equipment and expendable supplies to performances being directly supported by our office. Most items are free of charge and can be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Late fees and replacement fees apply for damaged or lost equipment. Expendables (see below) are available in the UP office anytime that we are here - please stop by. 

Theatrical Equipment Inventory

Theater-specific equipment is available to reserve through the UP Equipment Catalog. Sound, lighting, projection, and special effects equipment and accessories, as well as music stands and music stand lights, can be browsed and reserved through the catalog. Contact your Technical Director or Peer Mentor to schedule pick up and drop off times once you have reserved equipment. If the equipment is not checked out on the start date of your reservation, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and the equipment will become available to other students.

UP also has a collection of miscellaneous sound, data, and power cables not listed in the catalog. If we don’t have what you need, we can always help you find it.

Gels and Gobos

Lighting gel and gobos (templates) are available to use free of charge on a first come, first served basis.  

UP keeps a large collection of standard gel colors, but you may be surprised by what you find. The gel collection often includes a wide array of hues and saturations. Gel is available in the Broadway Rehearsal Lofts on a walk-in basis whenever the UP office is open. Please help us maintain this resource by returning materials on time and filing them appropriately within one week of strike.

If you don’t find exactly what you need, you can find a list of companies that sell lighting gel here.

The database of currently available gobos (templates) may be found here. Gobos are available at the UP office on a walk-in basis whenever the office is open. Templates must be signed out before leaving the office and properly returned and refiled within one week of strike. 

A- and B-size template holders are available in the office and should be returned promptly with templates. 

Interested in a template that we don’t have? With some advance notice, UP may be able to purchase additional templates upon request.


All expendables are free to use and kept in stock at the UP office. Coordinate a time to come by with your Technical Director or Peer Mentor.

  • Flame Retardant
    • Sprays and additives for various types of materials (paper, wood, synthetic fibers, etc.)
    • Flame retardant paper
  • Tape
    • 2” black gaffer
    • 2” white gaffer
    • ½” spike tape, various colors
    • ½” glow tape
    • Blue painters tape
  • Black Tie-line
  • Zip-Ties/Velcro Fasteners for portable seating

Portable Dance Sub Floor

This floor can be used to enable high impact performance in otherwise non-usable spaces. Please contact your Technical Director with questions or to make reservations.
West Campus LOT# 22-14

Dance Sub Floor Components

60 Squares: 3’-6” x 3’-6” x 2”
4 Short Perimeter Pieces: 4 3/8” x 3’-6” x 2”
12 Long Perimeter Pieces: 4 3/8” x 7’ x 2”
4 Corner Pieces: 4 3/8” x 1’-9” x 2”
10 Ramps: 21” x 3’-6” x 2”

Harlequin Cascade Marley Surface

4@ 6’-6” x 32’-2”
1 @ 6’-6” x 8’-7”
1 @ 6’-6” x 8’-11”
1 @ 6’-6” x 9’-0”
1 @ 6’-6” x 12’-8”

Stage Weapons

The UP Prop Weapon and Stage Combat Policy can be found here.  UP has a small inventory of stage weapons, available by written request, free of charge, on a first-come-first-served basis. Requests are due 6 weeks prior to first use.  Yale users may view the inventory here.  Please contact Kerry Cripe (Kerry.Cripe@yale.edu), for more information about specific prop weapons.  Few of the UP prop weapons are appropriate for weapon-to-weapon contact. Please e-mail Kerry.Cripe@yale.edu for more information about borrowing stage weapons.