Yale College Arts Marketing Handbook

 a senior project in Theater Studies  Film stills and production photos The Yale College Arts Marketing Handbook was created as a tool for Yale students working in the arts to help them understand and develop the skills to promote their performances and events to audiences within and outside of the Yale community and to create relationships with local, regional, and national media outlets.

Download the full handbook here.

Other marketing resources

Online calendars are a great way for students and groups to share information about their events with a broader audience, both on campus and in the greater New Haven community.

Media coverage establishes your credibility and familiarity with the public and, ideally, increases event attendance. If you can get your event featured in a local publication or are interviewed for a radio program, then readers and listeners who might not have been aware of you and your event may be moved to learn more, attend your event, and pass information on to others.

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