Equipment and Materials

Whether you’re looking for costumes, lights, microphones, construction materials, or any other production-specific equipment or materials, there are many resources on campus and locally.  Follow the menu tree or the links below to see more information. If you’re not sure where to start or need any suggestions, reach out to us!

UP Inventory

UP has an inventory of theatrical equipment and expendable supplies that is available to performances being directly supported by our office. Most items are free of charge and can be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Late fees and replacement fees apply for damaged or lost equipment. Expendables like gel, gaff tape, and tie line are also available in the UP office. 

School of Drama Inventory

The School of Drama inventory has several equipment and material resources, including props, costumes, and general material inventory for purchasing raw materials and hardware. When utilizing these resources it is important to follow the School of Drama rules closely as they are not required to rent to undergraduates, and violation of the rules may jeopardize future undergraduate use. If you plan to rent from the School of Drama Props or Costume Collection, it is important that you schedule your rental well ahead of time. The fees for the Props Warehouse and the Costume Collection are subject to change and updated yearly.

UP/ADAY Dance Costume Collection

The Undergraduate Production/Alliance for Dance At Yale Costume Collection is managed by our Costume Stock Manager and is open to all undergraduate dance organizations at Yale University as a storage location for their costumes. Groups which use this resource must agree to the conditions of use. The collection is a resource that depends on all users accessing the collection in a responsible manner.  Users who violate the guidelines will first be issued a warning and then barred from using the collection.

Dramat Equipment

The Dramat has a stock of costumes and lighting equipment and accessories, including gels that they may rent to UP approved productions. All rental requests should be sent to the Dramat’s Production Officer.

Vendor List

If you can’t find what you need on campus, UP keeps a general list of vendors in the area that supply materials and/or services commonly needed in theatrical production. Staging, lighting, and sound equipment may only be rented from vendors pre-approved by Risk Management, including those in this list. For approval, new vendors must meet the requirements listed under Requirements for Vendors-Contractors on this pageConsult with your UP advisor first if you are considering renting or buying lighting, sound, or staging.