Fundraising for Registered Nonprofits

Thank you for your concern and desire to respond. Our colleagues at Dwight Hall will collaborate with individuals and organizations to fundraise in response to natural disasters, public health emergencies, and humanitarian conflicts with the assurance that the funds will go to the appropriate place.

Can I use my personal accounts to fundraise?

Students may not channel funds through their personal banking, PayPal, or Venmo accounts. There is tax liability for the student or organization and no way to issue legal donation receipts for tax deductions. Students or organizations may fundraise with one of the following methods:

  • Request patrons donate directly to non-Yale nonprofit organizations, for instance by providing a QR to the organization’s website. Please note that requesting direct donations does not allow for the student or organization to track the amount of donations made.
  • Partner with Dwight Hall to set up and manage a fundraiser. This option allows for tracking donations as well as other forms of guidance and support.

How can I set up a fundraiser in partnership with Dwight Hall?

Dwight Hall at Yale offers guidance and support in all areas to set up and manage a fundraiser evaluation. You may consult with Dwight Hall’s professional staff at any stage of your planning process. Contact Alexine Casanova ( to schedule an intake conversation.

Are Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) projects eligible for fundraising?

Projects that have received CPA funding are eligible to serve as fundraisers so long as the donations are voluntary. CPA funded projects may not charge for admission.

Are there other policies I should keep in mind as I plan my fundraiser?

Yale University has several policies that apply to individual students as well as registered undergraduate student organizations. Visit the Student Organizations’ fundraising guidelines and policies page for more information.