UP/ADAY Dance Costume Collection

The Undergraduate Production/Alliance for Dance At Yale Costume Collection is open to all undergraduate dance organizations at Yale University as a storage location for their costumes. Groups which use this resource must agree to the conditions of use. The collection is a resource that depends on all users accessing the collection in a responsible manner.  Users who violate the guidelines will first be issued a warning and then barred from using the collection.

Contact Information

Jamie Farkas, Costume Stock Manager


The mission of the UP/ADAY Costume Collection is twofold. The first aspect is to provide the undergraduate dance community with an adequate space for neat, organized storage of costumes. The second is to create an inventory of shared items which can be used by any one of the member groups, facilitating more effective use of Yale’s resources and those of individual groups.


In order to use the collection to store or borrow costumes from the shared inventory, groups must be members of the UP/ADAY Costume Collection. Membership entails meeting with the ADAY Costume Collection Manager to discuss the costumes to be stored, to create a complete inventory of those costumes, and to sign the membership agreement–this must be done before the group begins to use the collection. Member organizations wishing to only store items may do so without committing any of those items to the shared inventory. Member organizations wishing to borrow items from the shared inventory must also commit some of their contributed items to the shared inventory.

Hours and Appointments

Access to the Costume Collection is by appointment only. Appointments should be made at least 3 days in advance for viewing, pulling, or returning stock to and from the Collection. Fittings are not permitted on premises.

Use and Treatment

The individual who signs out the costumes is the guardian of those costumes from when they leave the Collection until they are returned. The individual renting the clothing should be the one who cares for and returns all costumes. It is their responsibility to make sure that all costumes are treated well by the company and crew, and not lost.

  • An invoice will be emailed to any individual who checks out items listing those items and instructions for care and return. Check all items against your invoice at every step in the production process, especially when costumes are moved.
  • Costumes should only be worn for rehearsals and performances. Dancers should not be allowed to wear costumes outside of these times.
  • Carefully check for pins and needles before returning costumes.
  • Return all costumes not used before the opening of the show. Costumes returned after the show opening must be cleaned by the method listed on the invoice whether or not they were used.


Cutting, dying, and other permanent alterations of costumes are not allowed. Minor non-permanent alterations are permitted: i.e., safety pinning.

Costume Returns

Costumes must be cleaned and returned no later than 2 weeks after the last performance. If it is not possible to return the costumes during regularly scheduled hours, an appointment may be made. All costumes must be returned cleaned by the method listed on the invoice. If the costume needs professional dry cleaning, the dry cleaning receipt must be attached.


The Costume Collection is located on campus at 305 Crown Street, between York and High Streets. Use your Yale ID to swipe in and then go down the stairs to the left of the entrance. The UP/ADAY Costume Collection is on the left side of the basement.