Using YaleConnect

During COVID, all performance events must be ticketed or capture an attendance log. For most undergradaute performances, YaleConnect is the best tool. These requirements are in place for YaleConnect ticketing at this time.  Please contact with any questions.

If you are not associated with a registered student group, then please go to the Undergraduate Production group page and request to join.

If you are associated with a registered student group, then please go through your group’s page to set up your event ticketing.

  • Log into YaleConnect using your Yale netID
  • Go to your group’s page
  • Select “Events”
  • Select “+Create Event”
  • Item #1: What
    • Include the following language in your event description:
      • For events in venues in the residential colleges: This performance is only open to asymptomatic vaccinated Yale students, faculty, and staff. Students currently on leave are considered visitors and may not attend performances. Front of House team members will be checking tickets and Yale IDs at the door.
      • For events in venues in classrooms, Woolsey Hall, Yale Repertory Theatre, University Theater, Off Broadway Theater, the Black Box Theater at 53 Wall Street, or Sprague Hall: all patrons must be asymptomatic and vaccinated and proof of vaccination and ID must be checked at the door by Yale College Arts staff.
    • Select “Performance” as your event type
  • Item #2: When
    • Enter date and time for performance. Per current policies: performances may include up to 90 minutes of content without an intermission, and an optional intermission may be offered that does not count towards the 90 minutes.  If there are more than 90 minutes of content, an intermission of at least 15 minutes must be held near the midpoint, during which the stage should be cleared.
  • Item #3: Where
    • Enter the expected number of attendees if selecting “On Campus Room Reservation”
    • Enter venue name and address if selecting “Other Location”
    • Enter your livestream or simulcast link in the “Meeting” information area if selecting “Online Only”
  • Item #4: Photo & Flyer
    • Upload your event poster or promotional image.
  • Item #5: More Details
    • Food and drink are not allowed at performances at this time.
  • Item #6: Access & Display Options
    • Select whether you want to make your event visible to the entire community, YaleConnect members, or specific groups and members.
    • Events in the residential colleges should only be visible to Yale College faculty, staff, and students.
  • Item #7 Registration Options
    • Select “yes” in response to “Do you want to let people register for this event?”
      • Click “+Add New Option”
      • Enter ticket name (General Admission, Student, etc.)
      • Enter “0” for free ticket
      • Enter quantity available
      • Select “yes” to allow a waiting list
      • Enter “1” for “Min per order” and “Max per order”
      • Enter a start and end time for when your ticketing will be open to patrons under “Registration will be open from/to”
    • “Attendance Limit”
      • Set your Attendance Limit to be in accordance with Yale College COVID performance policy
        • During COVID, audience may not exceed 75% of patron capacity (# of existing fixed seats in venue or of fire compliance approved set up of temporary seating). Different capacity restrictions may apply in venues outside of Yale College.
      • Set “Tickets Limit” to 1 ticket per attendee.
  • Item #8: Advanced Options
    • Go to “Co-host this event” and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to select “Yale College Undergraduate Production” (second to last item on the list). By adding Yale College UP as the cohost, you are allowing house managers access to the system to check in your audience

Once you’ve set up your ticketing, please submit your event to the Yale College Arts site. Visit the theater, dance, film, and music user guide pages more information on how to add your shows and screenings.

Once approved on the Yale College Arts site, your event will be automatically published on the Yale Arts Calendar and the university wide Yale Calendar of Events.