Eventbrite Ticketing

The Yale College Dean’s Office manages an Eventbrite account to provide ticketing support for undergraduate performances charging admission for their events at no cost to student production teams.

Why Eventbrite?

Eventbrite offers many of the advantages of other ticketing systems used by undergraduates, with the additional benefit of complete stability. The event pages have a clean look, large images, and plenty of room for customized descriptions. The system offers both regular reservations and wait lists .

How does it work?

Students submit information about their own events via a webform, and will receive a link to a customized ticket page that they can embed in their listing on the Yale College Arts Shows and Screenings page or in any other advertising context.  Yale College Art has hired student Ticketing Coordinators to help manage the Eventbrite account, ensuring that Eventbrite ticket sites are created promptly, accurately, and with consistent language. Ticketing Coordinators are on call and available to producers and house managers on performance evenings and weekends to answer questions and troubleshoot any ticketing issues. Here’s a sample of what a ticketing page looks like on this system.

Payment set up must be coordinated in person with Daisy Abreu, Administrative Coordinator for the Arts in Yale College. Call 203-432-3742 or email daisy.abreu@yale.edu to set up an appointment. Payouts will be sent 4 days after your event ends. For weekends and holidays, payouts are sent the following business day.

Please submit these webforms at least 7 days prior to your first performance.

Can I see who has made reservations?

House Managers are able to see reservation lists in order to check people in. Producers who have a special need to see the reservations list can email this request to ycarts@yale.edu. Please note: all patrons receive an email confirmation after completing a reservation.

How do House Managers interact with Eventbrite?

All Undergraduate Production House Managers have access to Eventbrite and can view the current reservations for productions. Before each performance, the House Manager will log on, view the reservation list, and check patrons in using a phone or tablet. 

Who can/should use the Yale College Arts Eventbrite system? 

Any undergraduate performance event charging for entry can use this system.

Yes, there is an app!

Download the Eventbrite app to conveniently manage all of your tickets. The app also retains a record of your show-going history.

Submit info to generate an Eventbrite ticketing page using this webform.

Questions?  Contact Undergraduate Production, Yale Drama Coalition leadership, Yale College Arts Ticketing Coordinators, or Eventbrite account manager daisy.abreu@yale.edu.