Yale College COVID policy for performing arts

updated 5/9/22

The Undergraduate Production team is available to production teams to help them strategize and adapt plans for spring rehearsal and performance.

Information about fall 2021-2022 music lessons for credit program is here.

The guidance below is updated when conditions permit/require change. Please review often.

  • This guidance applies to the following aerosolizing arts activities:
    • Dance
    • Orchestras and other instrumental activities
    • Comedy/spoken word/theater
    • A capella, opera, and other singing
  • Performance teams should follow Safer Yale Practices guidance.
  • In general, masking must observe the Yale Mask Requirements and Guidance.
    • Masks are optional, at the discretion of the participant, for student-led, non-instructional performance activities.
    • Masks are required for rehearsal and performance of the faculty-led Yale Symphony Orchestra, Yale Concert Band, and Yale Glee Club. 
    • Theater and Performance Studies senior projects will receive information about masking requirements from Production Manager Nathan Roberts.
  • Production activity (participants on the creative team) must include only Yale community members and hosted visitors who are fully vaccinated and boosted.
    • On leave students must be fully vaccinated and boosted and registered as visitors in order to participate.
    • Visitors, including on leave students registered as visitors, must follow the Visitors Policy.
    • Visitors require a faculty or staff Host.
  • Production activity should incorporate additional COVID Review Team guidance for performances, competitions, spectators or audiences.
    • Performances must be planned with guidance and approval from an Undergraduate Production Technical Director.
    • A 6’ - 12’ space is recommended between unmasked performer/s and audiences. 
    • Performances may include up to 90 minutes of content without an intermission, and an optional intermission may be offered that does not count towards the 90 minutes.  If there are more than 90 minutes of content, an intermission of at least 15 minutes should be held near the midpoint, during which the stage should be cleared. The audience is not required to leave the venue during this intermission.
    • 1 hour rest period is required between performances in same venue.
    • For rehearsal activity, rehearsals should allow breaks at least every 90 minutes. Allow a 15-minute vacant rest period between multiple uses of the same space.
    • Patrons
      • Audience may not exceed 75% of patron capacity (# of existing fixed seats in venue or of fire compliance approved set up of temporary seating). Different capacity restrictions may apply in venues outside of Yale College.
      • All patrons, including non-Yale patrons, must be asymptomatic with an up to date vaccination status. Proof of vaccination status and ID must be checked at the door.
      • Yale-approved masks are required for all audience members.
      • Extra Yale-approved masks and hand sanitizer should be made available at the venue.
      • Undergraduate Production House Manager (HM) is required. HM can be requested (at least a week in advance) from justin.deland@yale.edu.
        • ​Student production team must arrange supplemental ushers to assist UP House Manager.
    • Advertising and ticketing
      • All advertising, the ticketing interface page, and signs at the venue should state that the performance is for patrons with an up to date vaccination status.
      • ​Production teams should use YaleConnect (instructions here), the Yale College Eventbrite system or other YC-managed system.
    • ​To request a visitor as a production team member or to request a variance to the above guidance, contact one of the Undergraduate Produciton Technical Directors.
  • Additional guidance for rehearsal spaces in residential colleges can be found here.