Policies for Participation in Yale College Arts Activities

Arts activities are a vital part of student life in Yale College. In general, these activities are intended for enrolled students. In order to maintain equity in access to opportunity and College resources, and to protect the safety of participants in these activities, the following policies apply:

2021-2022 - The COVID 19 Visitors Policy restricts visitors to campus. Only Yale faculty, staff, and enrolled students may participate in-person on campus in arts activities at this time. Requests for exceptions with a staff or faculty Host must be reviewed by Dean Kate Krier.  https://covid19.yale.edu/visitors-policy

Yale College students:

Yale University faculty and staff who participate in Yale College arts activities beyond the scope of their job descriptions must sign and submit an Assumption of Risk form to the Dean’s Office. Assumption of Risk forms may be downloaded here.

Yale College alums and other individuals with no current formal affiliation with Yale University who participate in Yale College arts activities must sign and submit to the Dean’s Office a Guest Artist Contract or an Assumption of Risk form . Guest Artist Contracts and Assumption of Risk forms may be downloaded here.

Yale University graduate students may participate in Yale College faculty-led arts activities at the discretion of the faculty leader. They may participate in student-led extracurricular arts activities provided they constitute less than 50% of the participants and no more than 50% of the production staff. Graduate students participating in undergraduate arts activities must adhere to all policies and regulations governing undergraduate arts activities and observe any additional requirements established in their own schools or programs.