Dramat Producer


The Producer is the lead member of each production team. As such, they schedule and run all production meetings from the beginning of the process. In this way the producer can become aware of issues as they arise, ensure that all policies and guidelines are being followed, and ensure that the process is moving forward smoothly, with all deadlines being met. One important function of the Producer is to act, in conjunction with the Production Officer, as the liaison between the Production Staff and the UP Technical Advisor throughout the production process.  It is imperative that the Producer maintain regular direct contact with the UP Technical Advisor (TA).

The Producer is the overall head of the production team and is ultimately responsible for the smooth and efficient flow of the project. The Producer is responsible for securing rights to the performance piece as well as securing appropriate performance space and adequate rehearsal space. The Producer is responsible for ensuring that all production positions are filled, for establishing a production schedule detailing the requirements of the production and ensuring that the schedule of deadlines is being met, and for establishing and maintaining a budget for each department of production. It is the Producer’s responsibility to keep the Technical Adviser, the Dramat Board, and each member of their production staff up to date on the production and how it is progressing.

Please note that this 6 week schedule applies to main stage productions, especially as concerns the scenic elements. An Ex would be condensed to a four week timeline.

Eight Weeks Out

Schedule a meeting with TA to review all Undergraduate Regulations, Dramat Guidelines, and Prod Staff requirements and initial review of Production Application.

Provide TA with contact information for the production team and arrange a pre-production meeting in the appropriate space.

Distribute weekly progress report forms to staff and stress they are to be filed with you by Sunday each week. You will submit your weekly report to TA on Monday morning.

Assess crew skill sets and identify training needed.

Six Weeks Out

Confirm that the TD has received complete set design plans and that the review process is moving in a timely way.

Request set revisions as needed.

Maintain regular contact with the TA and crew heads.

Five Weeks Out

Confirm that requested set revisions have been completed on schedule.

Confirm that TD’s pre-production work is moving ahead on schedule.

Confirm that adequate crews are available and being scheduled.

Confirm that the appropriate orientation and training workshops have been scheduled.

Confirm that all material and equipment will be available for build.

Maintain regular contact with the TA and crew heads.

Four Weeks Out

Submit updated Production Application to TA.

Confirm that build is underway.

Confirm that all medical/emergency information forms have been completed and are on file in the shop for all crewmembers.

Maintain regular contact with the TA and crew heads.

Three Weeks Out

For UT productions confirm level of dressing room space needed with YSD staff.

Maintain regular contact with the TA and crew heads.

Two Weeks Out

Confirm that the ME has received the light plot and provided copies to TA and YSD staff.

Help to coordinate any rental arrangements as needed.

Ready all travel requests for submission one week prior to travel.

Confirm with TA that CSSO has been scheduled for performances.

Contact staff of productions in the relevant space both prior to and following Dramat productions to confirm any needs, requests, or areas of cooperation.

Maintain regular contact with the TA and crew heads.

One Week Out

Attend load-in meeting scheduled by Production Officer to help coordinate work crews.

Provide tech schedule to distribution list, including YSD.

Confirm that Life Safety inspections have been scheduled and staff notified.

Maintain regular contact with the TA and crew heads.


Monitor progress and provide support as needed.

Tech Crew Note Calls

Help to coordinate work calls for crews to make adjustments as needed.

Ensure that adjustments are made in a timely way so as not to interfere with the progression of rehearsals.

Fire and Health & Safety Inspections

You or the Production Officer must be present at Life Safety inspections.

Ensure that the Fire Drill Log, Production Application, Flame Retardant Certificates and test samples are provided in a timely way.

Ensure that any notes or adjustments required are taken care of in a timely way.

Be present for any follow up inspections as needed.


Attend strike meeting to coordinate load-out process.

Assist as needed to coordinate the timely return of any rental equipment.

Complete Financial Strike with Dramat Treasurer.