Dramat Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

The Lighting Designer is responsible for using light in support of the Director’s vision while enhancing and completing the environment created by the Set Designer.

A Designer should have worked on previous lx crews and have a working knowledge of theatrical lighting principles.

Once the set design is complete and approved, the Lighting Designer will use those plans to create their light design, within a given budget. The Designer is responsible for developing a complete light plot showing instrument type, location (plan & section), color, and channnel assignment. The complete light plot is due no later than 2 weeks prior to load-in.

During the weeks between the submission of the set design and the due date for the light plot, the Lighting Designer should be developing their design based on viewing rehearsals, equipment lists, budget, and meetings with the director, keeping the Technical Advisor and the rest of the design team informed about the development of the design. The Master Electrician should also be involved as early as possible so that they will have ample time to plan on the required crew size and work calls required.  The Designer accepts that there are limits to the number of lighting instruments that may be used in a Dramat production. These limits vary by facility and production type and are included in the Position Packet supplied by the Dramat. The Designer agrees to work with the Technical Advisor to ensure that these limits are not exceeded.

Eight Weeks Prior to Load In

Attend concept meetings with the Director and other designers to develop design concepts and establish a schedule for sharing design plans.

7-6  Weeks Prior to Load In

Engage in the collaborative process with production staff as designs develop.

6-3 Weeks  Prior To Load In

Continue design work using research, set plans, and observations made at rehearsals.

Two Weeks Prior to Load In

Complete light plot showing instrument type and location within a ground plan of the production design. This plot may be hand-drawn or drawn using Vectorworks, an lx design software program. Submit drawings to the TA for approval and meet to discuss as needed.

One Week Prior to Load In

Once a light plot is approved by the TA, the Designer should work with the Master Electrician to review the plot and plan a work schedule. The Designer should be prepared to adjust the plot as necessary based on equipment availability and budget.


The Designer should check progress with the ME and crew as equipment is loaded into the space, answer any questions that may arise, and work with the ME to focus installation.

Technical Rehearsals

  • Attend technical rehearsals to ensure that the design serves as intended and to assist with any adjustments that may be needed.
  • During technical rehearsals create lighting cues for the Lighting Board Operator.
  • Make adjustments as necessary in consultation with the director.