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Dance Application

This form should be used by all dance groups to apply for a venue for Fall 2022, whether or not you are also applying for a CPA award.  If there are conflicting answers between this form and your CPA application, Undergraduate Production will assume your answers on this form to be correct, and will disregard the answers on your CPA application.  
If you are applying for a joint show (i.e. sharing a week with another dance group), you should submit only one form.  Please coordinate with each other to ensure that your answers on this form are representative of both groups.  
In order to maximize the availability of the space for all students, dance slots in theaters run Sunday through Saturday.  (Please note the shortened slots in the choice drop-down menus) 

Two dance groups may not perform independent shows in the same venue on the same day, and individual dance groups may not perform more than twice in a single day. Please keep these policies in mind as you as you submit your proposed schedules. 

The application deadline for Fall 2022 is 11:59pm EDT on September 11Applications will be accepted before this deadline for projects occurring anytime during the spring semester. No late applications will be accepted.  The online system turns off at the deadline.  Notifications of venue awards will be made by September 30.

After the application cycle, remaining time slots, if any, are awarded on a rolling basis.

Before you apply:

  • ADAY coordinates application among dance groups to assure the least possible conflict. Please contact ADAY to learn more about this meeting before applying.
  • Wondering about theater shows which might be planned for the same time frame? Check the Yale College Arts site.