Fall 2021 - Approved Spaces

Approved Spaces

Updated August 16, 2021

The following venues have been reviewed by Yale Environmental Health and Safety and are approved for performing arts activities as described in the current policy found here.  

Please note the room capacities for Dance Studios are informed by state fire code room load calculations: these room capacities differ from the current campus covid policy regarding performing arts, and at all times the lower room capacity shall prevail.

Please make reservations for these spaces with the appropriate unit (college office, etc).

All Spaces in residential colleges, with permission of the college
All Classrooms, unless otherwise indicated in 25Live reservation system. 
Berkeley College Multi-Purpose Room
Branford College Courts 
BRL Studio 204, 294 Elm St
BRL Studio 205, 294 Elm St
BRL Studio 303 (capacity: 35), 294 Elm St
Crescent Underground Dance Studio (capacity: 16), Morse/Stiles Colleges
Crescent Underground Theater, Morse/Stiles Colleges
Davenport Auditorium
Schwarzman Center Dome
Hopper Cabaret
JE Dance Studio (capacity: 6)
JE Theater
Leslie Woodard Dance Studio, Hopper College (capacity: 10)
Lighten Theater,  Pauli Murray/Benjamin Franklin Colleges
Nick Chapel, Trumull College
Off Broadway Theater
Pauli Murray Dance Studio (capacity: 13)
PWG 5th Floor Main Exercise Room (capacity: 77)
PWG Room D (capacity: 27)
PWG Room E-F (capacity: 39)
Samson Dance Studio, Pauli Murray/Benjamin Franklin Colleges (capacity: 19)
Schwarzman Center Dance Studio
Silliman College Dance Studio (capacity: 12)
Sudler Recital Hall
Theater and Performance Studies Ballroom, 220 York St (capacity: 26; windows must be open during use)
Theater and Performance Studies Black Box, 53 Wall St
Theater and Performance Studies Chapter Room, 220 York St (windows must be open during use)
Trumbull College Dance Studio (capacity: 12)
Underbrook Theater, Saybrook College
Schwarzman Center Underground