Venue Application (for non CPA projects) Fall 2014

Application for the Off Broadway, Co-op, and College Theaters is now integrated into the CPA application process. The CPA application also serves as the venue application. The CPA application, along with additional information about the CPA awards may be found here.

Groups NOT applying for a CPA award may use the application below for the Off Broadway, Co-op, and College Theaters. The application deadline for fall 2014 is Monday, September 8 at 4 pm. Applications will be accepted at this time for projects occurring anytime during the fall semester or during the spring semester prior to spring recess.  No late applications will be accepted.  The online system turns off at the deadline.  Notifications of venue awards will be made by 5pm on Monday, September 22.

For either application, students may apply in September for projects proposed in the Fall semester, or that will be produced prior to Spring Break. Students may apply in January for projects produced at any time during the Spring semester. Students may apply in April for projects produced prior to Fall Break the following year. After each application cycle, remaining time slots, if any, are awarded on a rolling basis.

Applicant Information
This should be the producer of the project.
Project Information
Please include strengths and expected challenges.
Please list all known production team members, their roles, and their colleges. Please explain why your event and your production team would be a good fit for your requested venue/s.
Please be aware that additional restrictions pertain in these cases.
Venue Preferences
Please list your desired venues, in order of preference. Venues not listed below should be secured by contacting the space manager directly.
Proposed Dates
Please list the desired dates of your performances, in order of preference.
Do you anticipate using any of the following in your production: Stage combat, armed or unarmed (including slapping); heightened physicality; or prop weapons?