Work Study

Undergraduate Production employs students to assist in various aspects of the production process, from rehearsals to performances.  In addition to helping provide necessary services - such as technical assistance, access to rehearsal studios, and house management - these students also provide valuable input planning new initiatives and reshaping current practices.  Hiring for these positions is open at the beginning of each academic year. Please let us know then if you would like to be a part of our team.

Work Study Opportunities

House Manager

Position Description: House Managers serve as hosts and fulfill vital life-safety roles for undergraduate student performances in theater, dance, improv, sketch comedy, and music.

Requirements of the Position: Ability to provide the highest level of customer service to all patrons of undergraduate productions, and to ensure at all times the highest level of safety for the audiences in our venues.

Training is provided in several phases as the student House Managers progress through the program, beginning with an introductory workshop that covers the basic, essential skills.  Throughout the year, intensive training sessions are provided in collaboration with other Yale departments on topics such as Alcohol Awareness, CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety.  In addition, mentorship is provided by upper-level students and on-site training is provided by UP staff members throughout the year.

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Peer Mentor

Description of the Position:  UP Peer Mentors will keep regular weekly hours in the BRL office for the purpose of meeting with and advising students working on theater projects, make regular rounds of campus theaters during load-in / production periods to provide support and assistance as needed, and will also collaborate with Undergraduate Production staff in the development and execution of student-led training workshops covering subjects including lighting, sound, rigging, tool-use, and safety protocols.

Requirements for the Position: Initiative, production experience, and demonstrable skill set in one or more of the following areas; Producer, Designer, TD, ME.  Candidates must show a strong interest in advising and actively mentoring less experienced students as they pursue production projects, demonstrate an ability to work independently on non-routine assignments, and have an interest in developing new projects and initiatives to convey the importance of safety and skill acquisition in undergraduate theater production.

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