All productions and special events produced by undergraduates on the Yale campus must abide by the Undergraduate Production Regulations. This includes undergraduate dramatic, musical, dance, and operatic productions as well as most other undergraduate presentations and events occurring in Yale University or Yale College spaces and performed before an audience. Note that all University spaces fall under the jurisdiction of the Yale Fire Code Compliance Office, Yale Environmental Health and Safety, and the department that owns or manages the space (e.g., College Master’s Office, Chaplain’s Office). Individual venues may be covered by specific polices developed by the managing department. In the event of conflicting policies the most stringent will be assumed to apply.

No use of stage weapons or staged combat of any kind is allowed, in rehearsal or performance, without the express written permission of Undergraduate Production (UP). Requests for the use of staged combat must be submitted to UP by the CPA deadline at the beginning of the semester in which the production will occur. Requests for the use of stage weapons must be made to the UP Technical Director of the specific production at least 6 weeks prior to the first performance date. Complete regulations on this topic may be found in the Staged Combat and Staged Weapons Policy.

Yale College students on leave of absence and individuals with no current formal affiliation with Yale University may not participate in undergraduate extracurricular activities. In general, these activities are intended for enrolled students.  In extraordinary cases where no qualified enrolled undergraduate is available, the Yale College Dean’s Office may consider requests for exceptions. Complete regulations may be found in the Policies for Participation in Yale College Arts Activities.

These web pages outline the basic procedures and regulations that govern undergraduate productions. Production elements not conforming to these regulations may be cut from a production.  Failure to observe these regulations may be grounds for stopping an event.  Serious or repeated violations of these regulations will be referred to the Yale College Deans’ Office for possible disciplinary action.