UP Prop Weapon & Stage Combat Request

Please review the Undergraduate Production Prop Weapon and Stage Combat Policy before filling out this form.

If you wish to include stage combat in your production you must complete and submit a UP Prop Weapon/Stage Combat Request by the CPA deadline at the beginning of the semester in which the production will occur. CPA deadlines are in January and September.  Exact deadlines are published here.

If you plan to include prop weapons in your production you must complete and submit a UP Prop Weapon/Stage Combat Request at least 6 weeks prior to your first performance.

Applicant Information
Project Information
Please briefly outline the plot and the world of the play. (200 words max)
Please describe the role of prop weapons and/or stage combat in this project. Be specific about each scene in which the prop weapon(s) and/or staged combat will be used. If possible, include the relevant excerpts from the script. Include how many actors will be involved and the proximity of the staged fight or prop weapon to other actors, production staff, and audience.
Undergraduate Production has limited funds available to support stage combat. If you are requesting the use of stage combat, please outline an alternative staging that does not require stage combat. UP staff are available for advice on alternate staging.
Please list your 1st and 2nd choice venues. (This is for informational purposes only and will not serve as a venue application.)
Prop Weapon Information
Please list each prop weapon requested. For each item, provide either an item number if borrowing from the UP prop weapon inventory or a url for a proposed purchase. Do NOT purchase any prop weapons prior to receiving approval. Prop weapons may never be shipped directly to undergraduates. Once approved, prop weapons must be shipped to Undergraduate Production. All approved purchased prop weapons will become part of the UP prop weapon inventory. http://up.yalecollege.yale.edu/production-resources/undergraduate-production-prop-weapons-inventory
Please list all anticipated locations where prop weapons will be used in rehearsal.
Please list student who will take responsibility for and retain control of prop weapons for duration of project. This student must pick up prop weapons at UP office, document transportation using the Prop Weapon Chain of Custody Form, and track prop weapons using the Prop Weapon Check In Log.
http://up.yalecollege.yale.edu/regulations/prop-weapons-and-stage-combat-policy (see link at top of page)