A series of workshops is offered each semester by Undergraduate Production. The workshops are presented by UP staff, guest artists, and experienced undergraduate students. Topics vary by semester, and always include required training for specific roles. All of these workshops are open to any student interested in participating. Up-to-date schedule information can be found here.


Introductory Workshops

UPstart – This program introduces basic skills required of all students involved in Yale theater activities including ladder and scaffold use, lighting, soft goods, knots, basic assembly, and general theater safety.  This workshop is a prerequisite for any production work. (Offered fall and spring)

Introduction to Lighting Design - This workshop goes beyond the basic introduction to lighting that is provided in Tech Boot Camp.  Learn how to develop and hang a lighting plot, how to prepare the lighting console, and how to create and execute lighting cues. This workshop is recommended for any first-time lighting designer. (Fall)

Introduction to Sound Design - This workshop explores the basic concepts of sound design including the use of Qlab, sound engineering, playback, creating sound cues and other topics in sound design. This workshop is recommended for any first-time sound designer. (Fall)

Producer Workshop – This session covers all the requirements and practical aspects of mounting a production at Yale, both “What To Do” and “How To Do It.” This workshop is recommended for any first-time producer.


Special Topic Workshops/Training

ETC Element – This is an introductory training session on the ETC lighting consoles. This session covers the basics of powering up/down, save/load, patching, setting looks, recording cues, as well as using palettes and programming intelligent fixtures, and playback.

Q Lab - This workshop provides an introduction to QLab, Macintosh software designed to make it simple to create rich multimedia designs for live performances and installations, and to control of audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace. This workshop is recommended for anyone wishing to borrow related equipment from Undergraduate Production.

SketchUp Basics - An introduction to using SketchUp, an intuitive, easy to learn, and free 3D modeling program for either PC or Mac. Students will learn how to use existing SketchUp models of campus theaters to create ground plans and the other drawings required during the production process. Bring a laptop.

Stage Combat -  This workshop outlines what it takes to make a great fight on stage. Students learn some of the basics of hand to hand combat, partnering, and the techniques needed to safely perform violence on stage. Applicable for actors, directors, or stage managers. All are welcome and absolutely no experience is needed. Led by Yale School of Drama Faculty member Michael Rossmy.


Dramat Production Workshops

These workshops address general production topics, especially as they relate to Dramat productions. Many topics covered are applicable for productions in all venues. They are required for certain Dramat production staff menbers and are open to all.

Power Hand Tool Basics – This workshop covers the correct uses and safe operation of the only three power tools that Yale undergrads are approved to use without direct supervision: the jigsaw, drill, and palm sander.

Key Stationary Shop Tools – This workshop enables students to learn the skills necessary to safely execute basic operations on the University’s stationary shop tools. This session covers the table saw, panel saw, and power miter box, which are the main workhorses of the Dramat shop. Instruction in the use of the drill press and radial arm saw is provided on a one-to-one or small group basis.

Air Tools – This workshop covers basic operation and safety rules for the use of various fastening tools that utilize compressed air. Students learn how to choose the correct tool for the job. (Fall)

Basic Deck and Flat Construction – This workshop covers materials and methods for the construction of both standard and Hollywood-style scenic flats, and window and door units. Three basic methods of construction of standard rectangular decks are covered: the basic platform, stud wall and plywood construction, as well as a basic triscuit system. Students also learn methods of moving, handling, joining and installation. (Fall)

Advanced Deck and Flat Construction – Building on the skills acquired in the basic session, students learn to lay out and build irregular shaped units as well as special purpose units and flying elements.  (As Needed)

Basic Rigging – This introduction to rigging includes an overview of various types of rope, their handling and care, relative strengths, common knots, and their use and application, as well as the use of wire rope, and its strengths and  methods of attachment. This workshop addresses  the basic principles involved in lifting scenic elements. (Fall)

Fly System Basics – This workshop covers the basic elements of a counter weighted fly system and how they work together. Students will then learn how to apply that system to the rigging and flying of scenic elements. (As Needed)