Peer Mentor Program

UP Peer Mentors serve as a resource for student mentorship on issues ranging from developing a project, producing, designing, build, and through load-in and the tech process. We’re here to help you at any point during the process of mounting a show, and to help you learn new technical skills. The Peer Mentors keep regular weekly hours in the BRL office every Sunday from 1:00 PM through 4:00 PM in order to meet with and advise any student working on (or maybe just still thinking about) a theater project.  Peer Mentors are also available for outside consultations, assistance, and support during load-in.

Each year during the spring semester students, generally rising juniors, are invited to interview for Peer Mentor team positions that will be opening for the following fall semester. Invitations are based on candidates’ production experience and demonstrated leadership abilities,  UP staff observations, recommendations of the current Peer Mentor team, and the particular production skill sets needed in the year ahead. Hiring is accomplished prior to the end of the spring semester for job positions starting immediately upon return to campus for the fall semester. If you would like to express your interest in the team, or just have questions, contact Rorie Fitzsimons or Kate Krier in the UP office.

Remember, there truly are no silly questions! We are here to help, and are never far from phones or the internet. If we can’t answer your question, we know someone who can! Feel free to contact any of us directly. Our contact info can be found below.

Lizzy Emanuel (‘17) is a Theater Studies and English Major in Ezra Stiles. She is primarily a stage manager, props designer, and actor. She would love to answer any questions, particularly about the wonders of GCal and the labyrinth that is the props warehouse. No problem is too big or small - she’s happy to help!

908-868-4225 /

Caroline Francisco (‘18) is a Political Science major in Silliman and loves that an anagram of “fiesta” is “if a set.” She works primarily as a TD, set designer, and scenic painter, and would love to talk–setsy or otherwise–anytime! Topics could include (but are not limited to) designing and structural drawing in Sketchup, Rothko forgeries, negotiating with your vinyl floor rep, and how to build a junkyard-scavenged car.

716-472-2656 /

Nick Friedlander (‘17) is a senior psychology major in Davenport College. He started lighting design for Danceworks in his sophomore year, and has since worked with five different performance groups on campus. He’s more than happy to take you out for coffee and discuss lighting for your group, or to run into the theater to figure out how to get more front light or how to program an awesome flashing effect!

609-576-5216 /

Sydney Garick (‘18) is Mechanical Engineering and Theater Studies double major from Timothy Dwight College. She is primarily a producer and stage manager but can also be found sneaking onto sets or lights crew. She loves any reason to procrastinate on her latest problem set and talking about theater is a great way to do that, so feel free to reach out to her with any questions you have about getting involved! 

407-790-5432 /

Ava Hunt (‘17) is a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major in Ezra Stiles College. The majority of Ava’s theater experience has been in the lighting department as a lighting designer and master electrician, so feel free to reach out to her about anything from how to run cables to the best places to rent a hazer in the tri-state area.

347-844-1700 /

Susannah Hyde (‘17) is an English major in Saybrook College and hails from Memphis, Tennessee, but is quite familiar with the erratic New England weather from her time in boarding school. When not in class, she can be found in the theatre or scenic shop. Though her focuses are in production and scenic design, she’s always ready to talk about all things theatre, including why she uses an “-re” ending.

901-233-2390 /

Danielle Lotridge (‘18) is a Mechanical Engineering and Art with a concentration in Graphic Design double major in Pierson College. She primarily focuses in sound design and sound engineering, so she would love to “hear” any and all questions you might have about cabling, speaker placement, cabling, mixers, cabling, or labeling. Or Disney, anything Disney-related is good too.

415-513-3099 /

Alison Mosier-Mills (‘17) is a History of Science, Medicine & Public Health and American Studies double major in Jonathan Edwards College. When not conducting global health research, she spends most of her time in the theater as a Producer. She’s excited to answer any production-related questions, ranging from how to create a budget spreadsheet to which late-night tech week foods are the tastiest! 

610-620-5695 /

Gabrielle Roberts (‘18) is an Applied Physics major in Saybrook College. Her main experience has been in lighting as a designer and a master electrician. She loves all things LX-related, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about design, plots, focusing, gel choice, circuiting, programming, renting equipment, Vectorworks, or more!

415-533-8784 /