Peer Mentor Program

UP Peer Mentors serve as a resource for student mentorship on issues ranging from developing a project, producing, designing, build, and through load-in and the tech process. We’re here to help you at any point during the process of mounting a show, and to help you learn new technical skills. The Peer Mentors are always happy to meet with and advise any student working on (or maybe just still thinking about) a theater project.  Peer Mentors are also available for outside consultations, assistance, and support during load-in.

Each year during the spring semester students, generally rising juniors, are invited to interview for Peer Mentor team positions that will be opening for the following fall semester. Invitations are based on candidates’ production experience and demonstrated leadership abilities, UP staff observations, recommendations of the current Peer Mentor team, and the particular production skill sets needed in the year ahead. Hiring is accomplished prior to the end of the spring semester for job positions starting immediately upon return to campus for the fall semester. If you would like to express your interest in the team, or just have questions, contact Rorie Fitzsimons or Kate Krier in the UP office.

Remember, there truly are no silly questions! We are all here to help, and are never far from phones or the internet. If we can’t answer your question, we know someone who can! Feel free to contact any of us directly. Our contact info can be found below.

Sabine Decatur (‘18) is a senior majoring in African-American Studies with a concentration in Black performance studies. She is mostly a stage manager, producer, and dancer, and would love to chat about any and all aspects of putting up a dance or theater show at Yale, from scheduling rehearsals, to managing people, to gracefully handling crises. She is also deeply invested in socially responsible theater making, so please feel free to reach out with any questions about critically engaging with texts, handling sensitive issues, and working towards diversity and inclusion.

440-935-5203 /

Adela Depavia (‘19) is an Applied Physics major in JE and loves storytelling. In an artistic sphere, she is fascinated by integrating technical work in theater. She’s going into her third year of producing shows at Yale, so she would love to talk to you about the ups-and-downs of budgeting, timelines, communication, and team building. Outside of theater, she is equally happy to talk to you about the ups-and-downs of most STEM (except chemistry, where she unfortunately is not helpful).

281-832-1904 /

Caroline Francisco (‘18) is a Political Science major in Silliman and loves that an anagram of “fiesta” is “if a set”. She works primarily as a TD, set designer, and scenic painter, and would love to talk - setsy or otherwise - anytime! Topics could include (but are not limited to) designing and structural drawing in Sketchup, Rothko forgeries, negotiating with your vinyl floor rep, and how to build a junkyard scavenged car.

716-472-2656 /

Sydney Garick (‘18) is a senior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in Mechanical Engineering, though she’s somehow convinced them her senior project will be a theater production. She is primarily a producer and stage manager, but also secretly is a set designer and TD, and sometimes a lighting designer. She loves talking about theater and the amazing ways to get involved on campus in any capacity, so feel free to reach out to her with any questions you have about getting involved! 

407-790-5432 /

Adam Lessing (‘19) is a Junior in Morse College, originally from Baltimore, MD.  Though he studies Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, he loves being involved in theater on campus, primarily as a set designer.  He’s always excited to talk design ideas, help with sketching, and work through any other sets problems you may have.  Don’t hesitate to reach out for a meal or coffee!    

410-409-2675 /

Danielle Lotridge (‘18) is a Mechanical Engineering and Art, with a concentration in Graphic Design, double major in Pierson College. She primarily focuses in sound design and sound engineering, so she would love to “hear” any and all questions you might have about cabling, speaker placement, cabling, mixers, cabling, or labeling. Or Disney, anything Disney-related is good too.

415-513-3099 /

Ryan Seffinger (‘19) is a Computing and the Arts (Theater Studies track) major in Morse College. He is primarily a lighting designer with some additional experience with projection design. He’d be thrilled to help with designing a light plot, choosing fixtures and gel colors, programming wild effects, and anything else lighting or projections related that could possibly arise. Don’t be shy!

201-220-4359 /

Evan Smith (‘19) is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major in Jonathan Edwards College. He works primarily as a master electrician and lighting designer (occasionally at the same time), but also has experience with projection design and installation. He would love to show you the best ways to hang and cable your plot safely and quickly, give advice about programming your show, or anything else technical! Feel free to email him with questions about any of the above, a spicy meme, or both.

978-761-8825 /

Yvonne Ye (‘19) is an East Asian Languages and Literatures major who occasionally moonlights in the Film and Media Studies Department. Her areas of specialty revolve around dance, dance lighting, dance tech week, and dance lighting during tech week. Though she swears that she does things other than dance and lighting during the school year, she would be more than happy to grab a meal and talk about lighting design, board operating, ladder safety, the importance of good cue sheets, and her favorite subject - The Care and Treatment of Your New Lighting Designer. If any of those sounded at all strange or unfamiliar to you, please, clear up a lunch next week. A chat is in order, and lunch is on Yale Dining.

408-623-3231 /