Dramat Equipment

Dramat Costume Rental Policy
In order to rent costumes from the Dramat costume shop, e-mail the Costume Shop Manager. Dramat costume shop rentals for non-Dramat student productions are free with a required deposit that is paid back in full upon the costumes’ return. The Costume Shop Manager reserves the right to keep part of the deposit if costumes are returned late, or the entirety of the deposit if one of the pieces is damaged. Each item incurs a deposit fee ranging from $1-$10 at the discretion of the costume shop manager. Deposits are not required for Dramat shows. Costumes may be put on reserve and pulled up to two weeks before performances. Costumes must be returned clean within 2 weeks of the show’s strike. No costumes may be rented during the tech week or performance dates of a Dramat production. Alterations are permitted so long as they are undone before the costumes are returned. 

Dramat Lighting Rental Policy
The Dramat allows for parts of its LX inventory to be rented by UP approved productions. Music stand lights are available for rent with a deposit of $2 per light. Gels are available for deposit in increments: 1-10 gels: $10, each additional 10 gels thereafter will increase the deposit by $2. Gel rentals will be unavailable the week before each Dramat show’s tech week, and during tech and performances. Gobos are available for rent at a deposit of $5 each with the same restriction period as gels. Music stand lights will be unavailable during Dramat tech weeks as well, but exceptions may be made during tech for straight plays at the discretion of the current show’s Master Electrician. Special rental requests for items not mentioned here may be made with a minimum of one week’s advanced inquiry to the LX Shop Manager with the deposit amounts determined at his/her discretion. When any equipment is to be borrowed, a proper itemized list of each item (including cut quantities and sizes) must be supplied to the LX Shop Manager for authorization BEFORE taking materials. Taking materials without the express written authorization of the LX Shop Manager (or the Production Officer) will result in the termination of Dramat rental privileges from any Dramat department for any individuals found responsible. Cutting gel requires the written consent of BOTH the LX Shop Manager AND the Master Electrician of the closest upcoming Dramat show. Materials MUST be returned by the day following the show’s run by 5pm at the latest (unless specific arrangements are made through the LX Shop Manager or the Production Officer). Any part of the deposit may be kept in order to cover damages or late charges at the discretion of the LX Shop Manager or the Production Officer. Access to LX materials is determined at the discretion of the LX Shop Manager. Contact the LX Shop Manager for more information.