Gallery Spaces

Gallery space for undergraduate visual art projects is available within many of the residential colleges and cultural centers. Most of the college spaces are prioritized for use by students in that college. Students should plan to display their project in the gallery in their own college if possible.  In these cases, the galleries are allocated through the Creative and Performing Arts award process.

Be sure to review the details below and contact the appropriate office for more information or to reserve a space. When a student is applying for a gallery space in a college other than in the funding college, the student should contact the gallery’s Head of College’s office directly.

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College Gallery Spaces


Berkeley Grand Entrance Art Gallery

Space/Location: Located near the Berkeley dining hall and Buttery, this small gallery is provides high visibility for students’ artwork.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: The Berkeley Grand Entrance Art Gallery is available for use by Berkeley students only. For more information and permission for gallery use, please contact Sue Matteo, Berkeley’s Sr. Administrative Assistant.


Davenport Art Gallery

Space/Location: Located next to the Davenport Common Room, the Davenport Art Gallery is a 25’ x 10’ room with adjustable track lighting. The exhibit shown here is one on woodturning from the spring semester of 2015.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: To request use of the Davenport Art Gallery, fill out and submit this form. Priority is given to Davenport students. For more information, contact the Davenport College Office.


Ezra Stiles Art Gallery

Space/Location: The Ezra Stiles Art Gallery is located on the main floor around the corner from the Ezra Stiles Common Room. The exhibit shown here is from the fall semester of 2016 by Brian O.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: Click here for information about the arts in Ezra Stiles. Contact the Ezra Stiles College Office for information about reserving the Ezra Stiles Art Gallery. Priority is given to Ezra Stiles students.


Jonathan Edwards Art Gallery

Space/Location: The Jonathan Edwards Art Gallery is a 40’ x 11’ hallway in the basement near the Printing Press. A small display case is available to use. The exhibit shown here is “Organized Chaos” by Tsedenya Simmie (JE ‘19) from the fall semester of 2016.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: For information regarding the Jonathan Edwards Art Gallery, contact Julia Ma or the JE College Office.


Maya’s Room Silliman Art Gallery

Space/Location: Named in memory of Maya Hanway (SM ‘82), Maya’s Room is located on the first floor of Byer’s Hall. The gallery is 30’ x 30’ with a divider wall and adjustable track lighting. It is open from 8:30AM-7PM on weekdays and 11AM-7PM on weekends.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: Contact Sergio Gonzalez with requests to schedule a show and questions regarding the gallery. Guidelines and more information can be found here.


Morse Art Gallery

Space/LocationThe Morse Art Gallery is located on the main floor around the corner from the Morse College Common Room.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: Contact the Morse College Office for availability and to reserve the gallery. Priority is given to Morse students.


Pierson Art Gallery

Space/Location: The 18’ x 12’ area outside the Pierson dining hall and library serves as a very public gallery space to display your art.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: The Pierson Art Gallery is only available to Pierson College students. To request use of the gallery, contact the Pierson College Office.


Trumbull Art Gallery

Space/Location: The Trumbull Art Gallery, located next to Nick Chapel Theater in the basement of Trumbull College, is 18’ x 26’.

Availability/Reservations/Policies: The Trumbull Art Gallery is only available for use by Trumbull students. To request use of the gallery, fill out and submit this form. For restrictions and more information about the Art Gallery and Trumbull’s other facilities, visit their website or contact the Trumbull College Office.

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Cultural Center Gallery Spaces


Afro American Cultural Center Art Gallery

Space/LocationThe Afro American Cultural Center’s mission is to preserve, investigate, and promote the intellectual, cultural, and social movement traditions of the African Diaspora. The Af Am House gallery is a creative space which features artwork made by students enrolled at Yale University and artists from the surrounding New Haven community. The gallery is 23’ x 44’10”.

Availability/Reservations/PoliciesApplicants should submit a written proposal clearly describing the purpose of the work and its relationship to the mission of the Afro American Cultural Center at Yale. Proposals should include the title of the exhibition and related supplemental materials (date, theme, participants, duration). For any questions regarding the Af Am House’s art gallery, please contact


Asian American Cultural Center Art Gallery

Space/Location: The Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) aims to advance the intellectual, cultural, social, political, health, artistic, and spiritual development of the Asian and Asian-American community at Yale. Toward this mission, the AACC invites both seasoned and budding artists to submit applications to feature their work the Center’s Art Gallery, a space in the Center devoted to artistic expression. The gallery is 12’-5” x 16’-9”.

Availability/Reservations/PoliciesApplicants should submit (1) A short essay describing what the exhibit is and how it will advance the development of the Asian and Asian American communities at Yale in the aforementioned (but not limited to) areas (max 1200 words); and (2) Any supporting materials (e.g. portfolios featuring the proposed pieces). For any additional questions, contact

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