Dramat Transportation Policy

The Dramat’s production process frequently requires the rental of vehicles for pickup and return of rented equipment, involving travel beyond New Haven. In each instance the Dramat Production Officer will ensure that the appropriate forms are completed requesting vehicle rental and driver approval and review these forms with the Dramat Technical Advisor at least one week in advance of the desired date of travel. The following policies must be adhered to in each instance.

All travel involving vehicle rentals must be approved by the UP Technical Advisor.

Every effort must be made to utilize cargo vans for equipment/material pick-ups. Box trucks may be approved for use only if a van is shown to be inadequate. When a box truck is approved, the smallest possible truck suitable for the purpose will be rented.

Approval for box truck rental will be dependent upon appropriately experienced drivers being available.

A UP Travel Request Form for each occurrence must be on file at the UP office one week prior to travel. This is extremely important in the event of an accident or emergency and for insurance purposes.

Travel plans must be on file in the UP office via the Travel Request Form. This plan must include destination, distance to be traveled, travel route, and planned rest stops. One rest stop is required for 2-3 hours of travel, and two rest stops are required for 3-4 hours (and upwards from there).

If a vehicle is rented, it is essential that the terms and conditions of the rental contracts are followed, particularly with regard to age restrictions and licensing of the drivers. Use of a preferred rental agency and the Yale corporate rental code is strongly encouraged. More information may be found here.
Drivers must submit a UP Driver’s Form one week prior to travel date. All drivers must have successfully completed the Yale Driver’s Safety Awareness Training.

Once approved, drivers may not be changed/substituted without submitting the required forms for any replacement drivers.

All travel beyond New Haven requires two approved drivers. Travel within greater New Haven requires a companion.  Solo travel is not permitted.

Student drivers must rotate drivers every two hours and have one other awake individual in the front seat.

No driving through the night is permitted.

Prior to all rentals the drivers will meet with the Dramat Technical Advisor to review appropriate methods for loading and securing loads for the equipment/materials to be transported.

All drivers of privately owned vehicles must have insurance coverage, as outlined on the UP Driver’s Form.

Bad weather – In case of inclement weather advisories a UP Advisor must review all travel plans. In some cases, travel may be postponed or canceled.

Travel Kits – Emergency travel/roadside safety kits are available from the UP office. Anyone traveling from the university must sign-out a kit prior to departure. Kits must be returned within two days after returning to school. UP must be informed if anything in the kit is used.