Yale College has a vibrant undergraduate performing arts community that produces and performs works in traditional and experimental media. Undergraduate Production exists to support this community. Thinking about mounting a production? Contact us!


  • Application for most theaters is integrated into the CPA application process. The CPA application also serves as the venue application. The CPA application, along with additional information about the CPA awards may be found here.

    All dance groups should apply for space using this web application, even if they are also applying for funding through the CPA. Comedy groups apply for venues directly through Undergraduate Production.  Non-dance groups seeking performance venues but not applying through the CPA should contact Undergraduate Production.

    The two applications are now open and the deadline for fall 2016 and early spring 2017 (for projects occurring before spring break) is Monday, September 5 at 4pm.  No late applications will be accepted.  The online system turns off at the deadline.

  • Does your production team want to reserve space in classrooms for meetings or rehearsals this year? 

    If your production is not affiliated with a registered undergraduate group, you will need to identify 1 person from your team (usually the stage manager) who will make all of the reservation requests for your show and that person must attend a brief training session with Undergraduate Production. Training sessions will take place Monday August 29 at 10am and Friday September 9 at 4pm at the Broadway Rehearsal Lofts at 294 Elm St.  Please review the Building Users Guide for Yale University Classrooms before the meeting and bring with you a completed copy of the Classroom Use Application and Agreement.

    The meeting will take less than half an hour so be sure to be on time!

    If you attended one of these training sessions last year, you do not need to attend again.  Please email a completed form for your new production to michael.best@yale.edu and mention which session you attended last year.

    If your production is affiliated with a registered undergraduate group, contact Sharon Zaehringer at classrooms@yale.edu to become registered to use classrooms and to make reservations.

    If you are looking for spaces you can reserve before attending the registration session, Rooms A46 and A48 at the Watson Center are good options.  Scroll down on this page to find pics, and instructions on how to reserve.

  • The UPwords newsletter highlights upcoming workshops and other production news.  Sign up here.